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VMVendor: The Multivendor ecommerce solution component for Virtuemart2 and Joomla2.5

VMVendor is a joomla component and a set of plugins and modules that allow your Virtuemart (VM) Shop to be multivendor easily. It allows every (or some) users of your site to add products to your shop and manage these via a front end form. They can get rewareded for their sells earning points (from the required free AlphauserPoints component) according to their product prices and to a site comission fee kept by shop admin.

You can use VMVendor to let users add physical or downloadable products (For downloadable products , an additional 3rd party plugin is required. It's called shipment for digital goods plugin: plgvm_istraxx_download

VMVendor uses and takes full advantage of the Virtuemart Vendor and products Database.
It provides to vendors an add/edit product form, a public vendor profile page and a dashboard page to list orders, payments, moderate products comments, consult sells stats, crate and manage taxes etc...

Every required extensions get installed during the component installation process and only required documentation is embed in the component main admin page giving you important guidelines on how to setup Virtuemart, AlphaUserPoints and Jomsocial/CB (if applicable), on what is correct and what is not set yet.



Requirements for com_vmvendor
Joomla CMS version 2.5.x joomla25_native Required *
Virtuemart 2.0.7d+ Required *
AlphaUserPoints 1.7.3+ (Vendor points payment) Required *
Community Builder 1.8 (Userprofile management - Note: VMVendor has its own vendor profile pages) Optional
Jomsocial (Userprofile and community management- Note: VMVendor has its own vendor profile pages) Optional *
ACYMailing (Create an automatic subscription list for vendors for administration purpose) Optional
ST42_download or plgvm_istraxx_download
(Required plugin for digital goods)
jComments component for Vendor profile comments Optional
VM2tags (Products Tagging and Tagclouds module) Optional
* It is recommended you install the Required elements (+ optional Jomsocial component if needed) before the VMVendor component so batch installation process includes all plugins and AUP rules during component installation.


VMVENDOR FeaturesIntegration
MVC component + core SEF support with router.php
  • ok
Public Vendor profile with own products, but also vendor avatar, description, contacts, TOS, legal information, customer comments etc...
  • ok
Private Vendor Dashboard with sales, customer contacts, points account & activity, statistics chart, product reviews, taxes etc...
  • ok
Downloadable products support (st42_download plugin required) - Direct file download if product is free
  • ok
Physical products support
  • ok
Unlimited or limited files and images per products
  • ok
Dedicated Vendor products RSS
  • ok
Categories addition or suggestion
  • ok
Email Notifications (+ moderation option) on products additions and updates
  • ok
Automatic Points payment to vendor (minus comission) on order confirmed (as a plugin)
  • ok
Vendor profile Link on product page + Question to vendor
  • ok
Automatic reset reviews and ratings option if product price is edited from free to higher price
  • ok
Vendor location static map (CB + Geommunity or Jomsocial required)
  • ok
CB profile plugin
  • ok
Jomsocial profile plugin + Acitvity Stream on products addition/edition and Vendor profile update
  • ok
Vendors list for ACYmailing (ACYMailing list required)
  • ok
Vendors module
Random vendors, latest vendors, largest catalogue vendors, Random cases
  • ok
Vendor Points 2 Paypal module
  • ok
Custom fields plugins support
st42_download or plgvm_istraxx_download (required for downloadable goods)
  • ok
VM2tags (product tagging, search tags and tagclouds & cumulus) optional
VM2share (Like send, twitter, gplus linkedIn, Pinterest) optional
VM2Geolocator (Product geolocation) optional
VM2sounds (mp3 and Soundcloud support) integration to come

Front end category submission

  • ok

The VMVendor component installation process includes several other extensions:

Extensions included in the batch installation process and the update method
com_vmvendor: component core, profile and dashboard pages, front end product forms. installed
mod_vmvendors: vendors showcase installed
mod_vendorpoints2paypal: changes vendors AUP points to Paypal installed
plg_content_vmvendor_vendorlink: enhance the product page with link to vendor profile and question to vendor. installed
plg_community_vmvendor: latest added products application for Jomsocial profile installed
plgaup_vm_points2vendor, plgaup_cancel_vendorpoints and plgaup_vendorpoints2paypal: required AlphaUserPoints rules installed
plug_cbvmvendor: latest added products application for Community Builder profile included but to be added manually
points2vendor hack: 1 VM file modification. included but to be added manually