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Advanced (up to) 6 layers ParallaxScroll module with Scale & Rotation effects, force full width and embed new module position. Multiple instances supported on same page

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Geommunity is a suite of extensions (map module + map profile plugin) to let your users add themselves to the global site map.
39 Topics 211 Replies
Last Post: 403 forbidden
by onimaro
24 Nov 2014 10:14
50 Topics 358 Replies
Last Post: markers
by amitmeyraz
22 Nov 2014 10:07
18 Topics 128 Replies
by nordmograph
08 Nov 2014 11:15
6 Topics 12 Replies
by cuscus
31 Oct 2014 12:28
This is about the Jomsocial plugin to let users add themselves to the community map in one click from their profile map.
139 Topics 667 Replies
by testcouch
22 Nov 2014 22:32
This is about the Community Builder plugin to let users add themselves to the community map in one click from their profile map.
140 Topics 668 Replies
by applidata
04 Nov 2014 10:21
Free geocoder plugin for Community Builder and Geommunity
34 Topics 282 Replies
by alumnifreudenhain
26 Oct 2014 19:26
This module lets you update in a batch process your members coordinates from a geocoder query to Google and Yahoo APIs to parse Latitude and Longitude from directions.
18 Topics 177 Replies
by nordmograph
23 Sep 2014 13:16
Support for the Gmap Activity Stream module for Jomsocial
17 Topics 82 Replies
Last Post: Gmap for easysocial
by farukkm
23 Oct 2014 00:48
22 Topics 205 Replies
by nordmograph
31 May 2014 19:34
This is about the global map module.
141 Topics 912 Replies
by alumnifreudenhain
27 Oct 2014 11:11