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Geommunity (769 topics)

Geommunity is a suite of extensions (map module + map profile plugin) to let your users add themselves to the global site map.
Re: Error after upgrading
by jacopo
30 Jun 2015 14:35
This is about the Jomsocial plugin to let users add themselves to the community map in one click from their profile map.
This is about the Community Builder plugin to let users add themselves to the community map in one click from their profile map.
Free geocoder plugin for Community Builder and Geommunity
This module lets you update in a batch process your members coordinates from a geocoder query to Google and Yahoo APIs to parse Latitude and Longitude from directions.

Gmap Activity Stream (17 topics)

Support for the Gmap Activity Stream module for Jomsocial
Re: Gmap for easysocial
by farukkm
23 Oct 2014 00:48

mod_geommunity (153 topics)

This is about the global map module.
Re: InfoWindow formatting
by nordmograph
11 Jun 2015 15:10

VMVendor Component (911 topics)

This is the support category for VMVendor component and related extensions. Bugs, feature requests, discussions etc...

VMVendor Support (824 topics)

Re: Shopper Group
by mdelreal
24 Jun 2015 12:18
VMVendor package includes French and English Language files. You can post here and share your VMVendor translations.
Make sure you mention the VMVendor version and the extension it refers to: (com_vmvendor , mod_vmvendors, or plg etc...).
Note: Translations here have not been tested by Nordmograph and will not be supported by Nordmograph. Don't forget to click on Thank you on translators posts!

Other Nordmograph Extentions Support (289 topics)


plug_cbtwitter (54 topics)

Twitter feed for CB
Not working for other users.
by baparks
11 May 2013 03:15
Re: Order Status: pending
by nordmograph
10 Dec 2014 01:55

mod_userpoints2paypal (38 topics)

Re: Change title
by nordmograph
04 Jun 2015 21:56

ParallaxScroll (20 topics)

Demo for banner aution wizard
by farukkm
16 Jun 2015 18:42
Precise if you're using this module with EasySocial, Jomsocial or Community Builder.
Re: admin sample profile avatars
by Red
17 Jun 2015 23:40
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jEvents extensions (9 topics)


mod_jevents_maps (9 topics)

plg_jevgeocoder (No topics)

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JVA (5 topics)


GeoCheckin for Joomla or K2 (11 topics)


GeoCheckin Support (9 topics)

Re: K2 Category Filter
by dave_logic
03 Jul 2014 21:15
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