You can test our extensions front end applications with these accounts:
demouser1/demouser1 (male)
demouser2/demouser2 (female)

Extensions you can test here:


- Geommunity3 maps for users and community content for EasySocial, Jomsocial & Community Builder
- Discreet Dating Non intrusive dating application for Joomla & EasySocial, Jomsocial & Community Builder
- MyPlayer: users MP3 players, playlists and podcast for Joomla or EasySocial, Jomsocial & Community Builder
- Banners Auctions Wizard: Set auctions for Joomla banners spaces

EasySocial Applications

- Social Geocheckin (component + plugin) : Allow users to check-in at other users locations , earn points and badges, become mayors etc...
- MySoundcloud for EasySocial (profile plugin): Display your latest tracks from 
- MyRuntastic for EasySocial (profile plugin): Display your latest sport performances from
- Who Visited My Profile (profile plugin): View who visited your profile and when with Google chart 
- First Automatic friends (user plugin): Have new users automaticly friended with one or more other users.
Featured EasySocial profile: Drijn

Community Builder Plugins

Featured CB profile: Drijn

Virtuemart applications

VM2BuyPoints for VM3+ (vmpayment plugin) : Let your users buy points package and have their AUP, Jomsocial or EasySocial points account automatically credited !

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