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Geommunity! The Joomla community users and places map


Render your community members Profiles from Community Builder , Jomsocial  or EasySocial (and a lot more) to a large Google Map (API v3)!  Geommunity is a set of community and profile applications suite for Community Builder and Jomsocial but not only , it can also work without any users for Sobipro entries, for example. It allows your community members to set in one click (on their profile frontend page) or fully automaticly geocoded, their location on a google map and then be added (with their 'nanoprofile') to the site's global community map! These are released under the GPL and run on Joomla 1.5 -> 2.5 -> 3.This suite contains these extensions:

Geommunity Locator on CB registration page
Geommunity Locator on
CB registartion page
Geommunity Friendships Network
Geommunity Locator
Geo QR Code
Avatar as marker


This advanced module can work with either Jomsocial or Community Builder 'Geommunity Locator' profile plugins. It displays users with coordinates and shows them on a google map with their Nanoprofile in the marker info window. here is a list of its key features options:
  • Jomsocial, Community Builder or SOBIPRO
  • Jomsocial privacy aware
  • Groupjive and Jomsocial Groups mode: display only members of the current group where the module is dispalyed
  • Map viewer's location aware
  • Custom multi level map color styling with Google Maps API Styled Map Wizard
  • Visual proximity radius filter
  • User markers clustering for maps with large amount of markers
  • Custom Marker icon & Avatar Marker Icon
  • Jomsocial Multiprofile watermarks as marker Icon
  • Popular extensions integrated: Kunena, AlphaUserPoints etc..
  • Add to friends & PM from Info window
  • Up to 5 Custom fields from CB fields or Jomsocial custom profile fields
  • Friendships network polylines between user markers. Quickly makes a frieindships spider web on map
  • Jomsocial event: module can be turned into an Events map only displaying their visitors nearest or every next events with attendees as colorfull polylines (1 random color per event or 1 color for all).
  • Adsense integration
  • Multiple unlimited KML, KMZ or GeoRSS layers integration
  • Add Markers from PHOCA MAPS, SOBIPRO, ADSMANAGER components
  • SobiPro Geo Checkin feature
  • Route and Itinaries to almost every marker types
  • Google places search API integrated to both module and profile plugins
  • etc...

This Jomsocial application allows your community members when visiting their own profile to click on a Google map to set their current position. This position will be shown in their profile to their profile visitors and on the global community map from It supports Shoutbox and activity stream (with static map) announcements. Supports Streetview and geo QR code tabs  and friends locations with polylines according to their privacy settings.

This CB plugin allows your community members when visiting their own profile front end, to click on a Google map to set their current position. This location will be shown in their profile to their visitors and on the global community map from It also allows users to set their location on the map during registration! It now shows user streetview , geo QR Code tabs and friends locations using polylines.

Geommunity Suite documentation

Extensions we provide in the Geommunity suite can seem complicated as they offer a large amount of options but it is acutually very easy to understand and use:

1. First you need your users to have coordinates! They can get theirs from quite a few ways:

  • Install the Geommunity Locator plugin to let users manually point their location on map on their profile, or to use the guess feature to be located from their approximative browser location
  • Geocoded from address fields (Builtin Jomsocial feature or with our free Geommunity Geocoder for Community Builder).
  • Optionnaly if you have a large existing community with filled in address fields, you can use our Batch geocoder addon (Back end module) that will batch geocode all your users from their address fields


2. Then install the Geommunity module to render every located user on a global map of your community Members!

You're done! These were the basic steps! Remember every fields in each extension back end have documentation and important recommendations on Tooltips when rolling over the field title. Don't miss these!