3 - mod_geommunity3cb setting up

This page concerns the settings for the Geommunity3cb module whose purpose is to display the map and make ajax requests to the component.
You'll find this module's settings in your Joomla backend: Top Menu -> Extensions -> Module Manager -> Geommunity3CB - Map


Select Map: Map to be displayed.

Map width
: 800px or 100% , the unit is required
Map height: 400px, in pixels only, unit is required

HTML5 Geolocation
: Enable browser to ask for visitor's location to center the map

Zoom, MinZoom
and MaxZoom 

ScrollWheel Zoom
: You might want to keep this disabled if your map is in a full width position in your Joomla template.

Default Map Type
: choose between terrain, roadmap, satellite and hybrid

Map Custom Styling
: this is the place to input your custom style json code to have you map style customized. You can generate the custom code from our tool here or find presets code from Snazzymaps.com

Show Address search
: Enable or not the location search (Teleportation) to move from a place to another quickly, especially usefull if you set a limited maximum zoom value to limit the amount of markers to be loaded simultanously on the map.

Show Marker Search
: Enable an autocomplete marker search looking for content in the data you integrated on the map (users, groups, photos etc...) it will provide you autocompletion after 3 signs typing and when selecting a result, it will center the map and zoom in to show the found marker bouncing. 

Custom Field ID Filter
: You can choose a cusom field from user profile to be used as a user filter on the map. The field will then be displayed as a textbox field and will show every exisiting options on map, hiding,showing and bouncing related markers.

Parallax Effect
: Enable a smooth parallax effect on map when scrolling the page up or down.

: Enable Marker clustering. Usefull on crowded maps. the optional option, will add it as an option on the Integrations filter to let visitors enable and disable clustering on their own.
Cluster Library: the custom library adds the ability to show markers having the exact same coordinates listed in one cluster infowindow.

Geommunity3 Google maps for Community Builder
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