2 - com_geommunity3es setting up

There 3 different places/pages for settings for you to be ready with Geommunity3:
  1. Geommunity3es component parameters
  2. Geommunity3es component Maps manager -> Map settings
  3. Geommunity3es module settings

Right after installation, you are encouraged to visit the component parameters options clicking the big green button.
You can access that parameters page later from:
  • Backend Top Menu -> Components -> Geommunity3 For EasySocial -> Parameters (top right button)
  • Backend Top Menu -> System -> Global Configuration -> Geommunity3 For EasySocia (on the left column menu)
From there you'll be able to set very few settings:

Geommunity3 Component options

Geommunity3 Component options2

ItemIds: These are menu item ID for pages in Joomla. They are used by Joomla to know what modules to display on what pages and to buil SEF urls. TO find out what ItemID you must set in these fields, find the related menu Items in your menu items manager and write down their ID. Geommunity will use these to build correct links url from infowindows data to user profiles and other integrated EasySocial or EasyBlog content.

Fontello Icons: If your Joomla template doesn't include all the necessary icons for Geommunity3, you can enable this so Geommunity3 will add the missing icons.

Visitor AddressField: This is the UNIQUE KEY value for the addressfield for users . this setting will be used to center the map when a loggedin memeber will open the map.
Non loggedin users will be prompt by their browser to share location to center the map and if refused their address field data will be used, if they are not logued in, default map coordinates will be used.

Google Maps API key, client ID and Signature: Although these are not required, they are recommended for production sites, especially those with High traffic to be able to manage API quota limitations etc...

After these parameters set, you now have to set your first map. The installation script created it for you, you only have to edit the settings.

Map Title: Easy !

: Published or not

Default Coordinates
: This is required to center the map when loading the page in case the map is public and visitor refused to share location with the browser, or in case the logged In user does not have coordinates

Show Users
: Show users or not on the map.

Users Addressfield
: (optional)  This field will help the component to get users coordinates to plot them on the map. If you don't fill it in the Geommunity could find it by itself but it is especially required if users have more than one addressfield in profile (personal address + pro address for instance) to let Geommunity know what coordinates to be used to locate the user. You would input the specific EasySocial address field UNIQUE KEY value. You can get it from the 'Advanced' tab of the custom fields settings in the Profile Types manager of EasySocial.
Idem for Groups & Events Address fields.

Online Only
: Only show users currently having an active session on your site

User Marker Icon
: You can choose to use the Generic user Marker Icon, or users avatars or also to use different marker icons according to profiletypes ID.
In this last case, you must set png icons in  images/com_geommunity3es/profiletypes_markers/ and make sure each marker is named 1.png, 2.png where the value is the profile type ID.

Show Photo Albums, Photos, Videos, EasyBlog:
Easyblog is a 3rd party extension you must purchase from StackIdeas.com

Show Groups & Events
 same as User Addressfield.

: Keyhole Markup Language, these are external .kml (xml type) files allowing you to embed additional data on the map. You can add as many files as you want , separating each file url with coma.

User Privacy
: Respect privacy set by users on their addressfield and to their medias (photo, photo albums, videos)
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