2b - plg_community_myplayer.zip for Jomsocial

This plugin will install and update automaticaly during component installation if Jomsocial is found on your setup.


This plugin installs via the regular Joomla extensions installer. Go to your Joomla administration extensions installer. From the top menu select 'Extensions' and 'Extensions manager'. From the file uploader go to your harddrive folders. Browse and select plg_community_myplayer.zip. The plugin will then be listed in Extensions -> Plugin Manager. You can filter the list by type: 'Community'. It'll be listed as PLG_MYPLAYER_TITLE. This title string is used so it is translatable from language files (located in administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.plg_community_myplayer.ini The plugin gets very most options and parameters from the component , but as every Jomsocial Community plugins you can choose if the plugin is a 'Core Application' (If a user needs to install it as an app or if it will show automatically on every user profiles). You set the caching behaviour and select the default plugin position. According to the player size, in most cases the most suitable plugin position for myplayer is 'Main Content'
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