Geommunity plugins: integrate 3rd party extensions content in Geommunity Maps!

With Geommunity3 components version 1.4+ You can extend your maps with geommunity type plugins.
Geommunity plugins are regular Joomla plugins that will have the geommunity type and will be installed in the plugins/geommunity/ folder.

After the plugin is installed and published, check and edit its setttings. And go the your Geommunity component backend , to add the plugin to one or more of the maps you created.

Once the plugin is enabled and added to a map object, it will be integrated inside the map module wich is responsible for loading that map.

Geommunity plugins fully integrates 3rd party located content to the map interface:

- Markers: 3rd party extensions content items markers will be loaded with AJAX as other markers and integrated to clusters with other markers
- Infowindow: Each plugin can have its custom infowindow
- AJAX autocomplete search: Integration in the AJAX autocomplete search results
- Filter or Category filter: Dynamic ajax filter
- Custom marker icon

Here is an example of the plg_geommunity_easyblog integrating located EasyBlog posts into Geommunity for Jomsocial map.

Easyblog posts plugin integration for Geommunity maps.

Interactivity is the same as core items, bounce, toggle etc...

File examples


Required Files Tree:

- - favicon.png ( 16x16 px )
- - marker.png ( 32x37 px )
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