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StreetGuessr component for Joomla is a gaming application , inspired by the popular GeoGuessr. Player has to identify (locate) several Google StreetViews panoramas from the whole world or some restricted regions, and click on a google map to locate these. The closer the guess is, the more points player gets.

Joomla 3.6+
Google Maps API key (libraries: geometry, places )


Application comes as a classic Joomla component, it installs via the regular Joomla installer. During installation, or update, a script checks if either Community Builder, Jomsocial or EasySocial are also installed and installs 4 corresponding userpoints rules.
- pay2play rule: Deduct some points when a user starts a game
- firstscoreonmap rule: Rewards a player when playing and scoring on a map for the first time
- scoreimproved rule: when improving own score on a specific map
- newhighscore rule: when new score is the best of a specific map


Google Maps API: Get a Google Mpas API key for your domain, it will be used with the Geometry and Places libraries.
StreetView Navigation: Allow or not players to navigate in the Streetview panoramas clicking their way
Profile Manager: Will you use a 3rd party application to manage user profiles ? (links from leaderboards names to user profiles)
Points Manager: Will you enable a 3rd party points manager to charge points for games and or reward points for new scores and high scores ?
Enable Activity Stream: If you use Jomsocial or EasySOcial as profile manager you can enable the Activity Stream feature to have new scores and high scores announced in the community Activity Stream.
Email Looser: Enable this to have Email notifications to players that just get their 1st place score beaten.
Facebook APP ID: If you want the Facebook Likes and Share feature to be enabled, input your Facebook Application ID for this domain.
GoogleMaps Styling: Guess  map, Answer map and Summary map (ingame maps) can be styled using a json styling code. Get one preset from or get you one from
Canvas Logo: You can set a logo to display on the StreetView canvas.
Logo URL: You can set a link to that logo.
NEW Sticker Treshold: For how many plays will the NEW sticker stay? (Maps view)
HOT Sticker Treshold: How many plays required for the HOT sticker to show? (Maps view)
Dimensions tab: set the maps dimensions there (width and heights)

Adding a Map (game)

After setup you can create as many map categories and subcategories and create as many maps as you want. A map is a game defined by:
- title
- description
- category
- rounds: how many guesses are required to complete the map.
- cover image: prefered dimensions 320x200
- scope: Area for the random streetview coordinates. You can leave it empty to have the map focus on the wholworld or define a specific area on the map. The blue layer on the GoogleMap (see below) is the StreetView coverage layer. Don't create maps setting a scopte that doens't have StreetView coverage.

Once saved and published, map will be available in the front end on the 'maps' view of the StreetGuessr component.

Add a manu Item to the maps view.
Open your MENUS manager in Joomla backend, select the menu where to add the new menu item. Click 'Add New Menu Item'. Set your new menu item type: StreetGuessr - Maps

StreetGuessr comes with 4 menu item types:
- Maps - Shows a list of Maps
- Single Map - Shows a specific Map: Choose the map you want in the menu item settings.
- Scores - Shows latest scores, it can show global scores or display a specific user's scores if a userid variable is added in the url (like from the 'More Scores' button in the mod_streetguess_scores module when set to display current user's scores only)
- Leaderboard - Single map's leaderboard. It shows a map's scores but also map description, cover etc... Note: Whenever you share (Facebook or Twitter)  the ingame play or results pages, this is the mao leaderboard page url that will be shared.

Game workflow

When player starts a game, he chooses a map (Full world or specific regions). According to the chosen map, he will have to play rounds. Each round consists of a randomly generated location displayed as a Google StreetView panorama. Player has to guess where this panorama was shot and click a map to submit his guess. According to the distance between the guess and the exact location, player will get points for this round. At the end of the game each round's score is counted to finally have a total score for the map. Scores are then recorded for each users in a map leaderboard. 

Note on score calculation:
For each map round maximum score is 100. How is it calculated.
SG map is defined by a diagonal between North East and South West. Player's guess location distance to the exact location is compared as a percentage of the half of the map scope diagonal distance.
If guess is exact (unlikely) user will get 100.0% and 1000pts.
If a map has 5 rounds, its maximum score is 5000.
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