Component installation and settings


This component requires:
- Joomla 3+

This component installs via the core Joomla installer

Open Your Joomla back end and go to Top menu -> Extensions ->Manage -> install
Click the Brows button to select the archive on your computer.

Clikp upload and component will install.

Then go to Top menu -> System-> Global Configuration and select Birthday Greetings in the left column.

Here are the main options you see


Nordmograph Order Number
This option is not a requirement, it will only allow you to use the Joomla updater to update the extension when an update is available.
Nordmograph will check if the order date is still supported, if the current domain has been listed in customer's Nordmograph account and deliver the update.


Cron Job URL & Cron Job Secret
This is the url of the page that will trigger the script when loaded. The script will check in the set period if it can find unpaid orders that are the latest orders from that specific customer.
The URL basically is:
Where xxx is your Cron secret. You decide what the secret is. It's like a password preventing anyone to overload your server playing with cronJobs

Send Emails
For testing purposes you can disable emails

BCC Email address
Receive a copy of the sent reminder email to that specific address you set here.


Profile Manager
Choose where the component is supposed to check the birthday frields, Supported options are:
  • Joomla,
  • Community Builder (cb_dob)
  • Jomsocial (FIELD_BIRTDATE)
  • EasySocial (BIRTHDAY)
Note : Birthday Greetings component takes advantage of Jomsocial and EasySocial notifications and Alerts feautures, reminding users when a friends is having his birthday on the current day.
If you use EasySocial, Birthday Greetings component must be installed or updated AFTER EasySocial so the ALert rules are installed during component installation.

Choose if the user should be called by his name or username

First Word
Enable this so only the first word of the user naming is used (mostly the first name)


Landing page URL
This is the URL to be mentioned in the greetings email signature

Enable DEBUG
This option will display information on the cron Job URL page


Birthday Presents tab:

The component can credit user's points account for their birthday and mention in in the sent email.
Userpoints extension are not included in the Birthday Greetings suite, you need to install one if you want to use this feature. Supported ones are:

  • AltaUserPoints (free)
  • Jomsocial points (commercial)
  • EasySocial points (commercial)
Note: For the points reward rule to be installed, the Birthday Greetings extension must be installed or updated AFTER the points manager extensions

jGifts Gift
If you use the jGifts component (to be purchased and installed separately) , you can set a gift that will be offered to users for their birthday and mentioned in the sent greetings email.
Choose the gift within the list and set a user to be the sender user for the gift (admin or community manager for instance)

If you use a shopping cart extension, you can also offer a coupon code to users for their birthday. Supported coupons manager are:
  • Virtuemart
  • AWO Coupons (free)
  • AWO Coupons (commercial)
  • Hikashop
Set coupons as described in these relative 3rd party extensions

Now the component options are set
Set the Cron Job at your host cpanel.
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