Upcoming birthdays Module installation and settings


This component requires:
- Joomla 3+

This module installs via the core Joomla installer

Open Your Joomla back end and go to Top menu -> Extensions ->Manage -> install
Click the Brows button to select the com_bdaygreets.zip archive on your computer.

Clikp upload and component will install.

Then go to Top menu -> Extensions-> modules and select Upcoming Birthday in the llist.

This module is complementary with  the component but can also run as standalone

Here are the main options you see


Profile Manager
Choose where the component is supposed to check the birthday frields, Supported options are: Joomla, Community Builder (cb_dob), Jomsocial (FIELD_BIRTDATE), EasySocial (BIRTHDAY)

Choose if the user should be called by his name or username

How many upcoming birthdays to list

Table Class
Set a class to the table element. Usefull if you want to style it

Users avatars
Choose to show or hide users avatars

Date Format
Format the date following the PHP date standards like described at http://php.net/manual/en/function.date.php
Note that only month and day will be displayed.
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