EasySocial Application for Birthday Greetings

EasySocial is the only social network component making it possible,  for its dedicated user plugins to alter the dasboard. So it displays (just like Facebook does) a Birthday Card to users on their birthday :)

The card image file has the langauge tag in the name and most common language files are provided (not translated though, as "Happy Birthday" is quite international).
The card will show on the D-day at the sidebar-top.

Check the images in the folder at media/com_easysocial/apps/user/bdaygreets/assets/img
and make sure images for all your languages are present.
If not duplicate any image and rename it accordingly to your language.

The plugin is not installed automatically during the component installation. Read the post installation messages to download the EasySocial plugin.
Remember, the plugin must be installed via the EasySocial applications installer (Not the core Joomla installer)
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