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Geommunity3 is a community and profile applications suite for Community Builder, Easysocial and Jomsocial. It allows your community members to set in one click their location on a google map and then be added to the site's global community map!

Geommunity3 Suites

Geommunity3 Lite

Geommunity3 Lite is the host component + module to locate ...

9.00 €
Geommunity3 Maps for EasySocial

Geommunity3 for EasySocial is an advanced solution, to ...

34.00 €
Geommunity3 Maps for Jomsocial

Geommunity3 is the ultimate solution to show your Jomsocial ...

34.00 €
Geommunity3 Maps for Community Builder

Geommunity3 is the ultimate solution to show your CB users ...

34.00 €
Geocoder for Jomsocial

Advanced Geocoder for Jomsocial

9.00 €
Geommunity Geocoder for Community Builder

This plugin updates user latitude and longitude coordinates ...

Jomsocial Medias Batch Geocoder admin module

Geocode your Jomsocial medias and store the coordinates ...

7.00 €
Batch Geocoder Admin Module for EasySocial, Jomsocial or CB

Set all your members Latitude and Longitude from their ...

11.00 €
Product Geolocator plugin for Virtuemart

Add product location(s) (or stock) map to your VM2 or VM3 ...

14.00 €
Gmap Activity Stream module for Jomsocial

A geo activty stream for Jomsocial displaying Latest ...

9.00 €
Latest Visitors Map Module for Joomla

This basic module shows your website visitors on a google ...

Geo QRCode Profile Application for Jomsocial

This reads Jomsocial user coordinates to display a QR Code ...