Support is officialy closed, but staff is connected !

Official support hours are from 9:00 - 19:00 from monday to friday (GMT +1)
Connected Support and Presale staff are currently connected, expect a fast reply.
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Hello, I am Adrien and I am currently connected to reply your presale questions and support forum posts.
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Latest Products

AltaUserPoints for jComments

Plugin for JComments integration with AltaUserPoints ...

0.00 €
StreetGuessr Game component for Joomla

Guess where these StreetView panoramas where shot clicking ...

44.00 €
Geommunity Plugin: JREVIEWS

Adds jReviews located Items to Geommunity3 Google Maps. ...

14.00 €
Get Commission On Points Donation

This AltaUserPoints plugin allows admin or other users to ...

9.00 €
Geommunity Plugin: DJ-CLASSIFIEDS

Adds DJ-Classifieds located Items to Geommunity3 Google ...

14.00 €
Animated Trianglify module for Joomla

Trianglify abstract background layouts module.

0.00 €

Top ten Products

AltaUserPoints Virtuemart Payment Plugin

Virtuemart AUP Payment processor package contains for ...

14.00 €
AltaUserPoints profile for Community Builder

CB AltaUserPoints plugin provides 3 User Tabs: - The first ...

9.00 €
AltaUserPoints Profile for Jomsocial

Show the user AUP profile, points referrees, referral link, ...

11.00 €
VMVendor - Multivendor Marketplace for Virtuemart & Joomla

The Best Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace Solution for VM3 ...

59.00 €
UserPoints 2 Paypal

This module allows your members to change their ...

9.00 €
Virtuemart Jomsocial UserPoints Payment processor

Virtuemart Jomsocial UserPoints Payment processor package ...

11.00 €