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We provide various types of components, content, payment and custom fields plugins and user points payment plugins for Virtuemart.

Virtuemart Extensions

Geommunity Plugin: VIRTUEMART

Adds Virtuemart located Products to Geommunity3 Google ...

14.00 €
VMVendor - Multivendor Marketplace for Virtuemart & Joomla

The Best Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace Solution for VM3 ...

59.00 €
VM Share plugin for Virtuemart

Shows Social share and like buttons from LINKEDIN, TWITTER, ...

9.00 €
Virtuemart Wishlists component

Offers multiple wishlists advanced features for Virtuemart3 ...

29.00 €
Loyalty Points Card for Virtuemart

Credit customers account with points when they confirm an ...

29.00 €
VM Tags suite for Virtuemart

Enhance your Virtuemart business and SEO with this simple ...

27.00 €
Product Hits Counter for Virtuemart

This content plugin for Virtuemart increments the hits ...

9.00 €
VM2Sellscount content plugin for Virtuemart

Shows a nice animated sells counter on Virtuemart product ...

9.00 €
Product Geolocator plugin for Virtuemart

Add product location(s) (or stock) map to your VM2 or VM3 ...

14.00 €
VM2AudioSamples - MP3 player for Virtuemart 3

This plugin shows on the product details page, every ...

11.00 €
Virtuemart Easysocial Points Payment plugin

This Payment plugin for Virtuemart3 allows a customer to ...

14.00 €
Buy User Points with Virtuemart

Sell AltaUserpoints, EasySocial or Jomsocial userpoints in ...

24.00 €
Bitpay Bitcoin payment for Virtuemart

Bitcoin payments in your Virtuemart shop

0.00 €
NameYourPrice VMCustom field for Virtuemart

Let your customers decide of the product price or allow ...

9.00 €
AltaUserPoints Virtuemart Payment Plugin

Virtuemart AUP Payment processor package contains for ...

14.00 €
Embed video field (Youtube) for Virtuemart

VMCustom field for Virtuemart that embeds a Youtube video ...

0.00 €
Virtuemart Orders & Products plugin for Community Builder

This CB plugin provides two tabs in user profiles. First ...

11.00 €
Virtuemart Jomsocial UserPoints Payment processor

Virtuemart Jomsocial UserPoints Payment processor package ...

11.00 €
Virtuemart Synthetic Dashboard module

VM Dashboard is an administration module to be published at ...

0.00 €
VM customers to ACYmailing subscribers

Assign Virtuemart products customers to ACYMAILING lists ...

11.00 €