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Hello, I am Adrien and I am currently connected to reply your presale questions and support forum posts.

We provide various types of components, content, payment and custom fields plugins and user points payment plugins for Virtuemart.

Virtuemart Extensions

Geommunity Plugin: VIRTUEMART

Adds Virtuemart located Products to Geommunity3 Google ...

14.00 €
VMVendor - Multivendor Marketplace for Virtuemart & Joomla

The Best Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace Solution for VM3 ...

59.00 €
VM Share plugin for Virtuemart

Shows Social share and like buttons from LINKEDIN, TWITTER, ...

9.00 €
Virtuemart Wishlists component

Offers multiple wishlists advanced features for Virtuemart3 ...

29.00 €
Loyalty Points Card for Virtuemart

Credit customers account with points when they confirm an ...

29.00 €
VM Tags suite for Virtuemart

Enhance your Virtuemart business and SEO with this simple ...

27.00 €
Product Hits Counter for Virtuemart

This content plugin for Virtuemart increments the hits ...

9.00 €
VM2Sellscount content plugin for Virtuemart

Shows a nice animated sells counter on Virtuemart product ...

9.00 €
Product Geolocator plugin for Virtuemart

Add product location(s) (or stock) map to your VM2 or VM3 ...

14.00 €
VM2AudioSamples - MP3 player for Virtuemart 3

This plugin shows on the product details page, every ...

11.00 €
Virtuemart Easysocial Points Payment plugin

This Payment plugin for Virtuemart3 allows a customer to ...

14.00 €
Buy User Points with Virtuemart

Sell AltaUserpoints, EasySocial or Jomsocial userpoints in ...

24.00 €
Bitpay Bitcoin payment for Virtuemart

Bitcoin payments in your Virtuemart shop

0.00 €
NameYourPrice VMCustom field for Virtuemart

Let your customers decide of the product price or allow ...

9.00 €
AltaUserPoints Virtuemart Payment Plugin

Virtuemart AUP Payment processor package contains for ...

14.00 €
Embed video field (Youtube) for Virtuemart

VMCustom field for Virtuemart that embeds a Youtube video ...

0.00 €
Virtuemart Orders & Products plugin for Community Builder

This CB plugin provides two tabs in user profiles. First ...

11.00 €
Virtuemart Jomsocial UserPoints Payment processor

Virtuemart Jomsocial UserPoints Payment processor package ...

11.00 €
Virtuemart Synthetic Dashboard module

VM Dashboard is an administration module to be published at ...

0.00 €
VM customers to ACYmailing subscribers

Assign Virtuemart products customers to ACYMAILING lists ...

11.00 €