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Flexible Timelines for any Joomla data


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J!3.X | M | v1.1.8
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Description Create a nice and responsive jQuery (horizontal or vertical) animated timeline based on static data settings or any values of your Joomla database thanks to a MySQL query wizard or advanced query field or presets.

  • + Horizontal or Vertical Layout
  • Responsive: resizes to fit any screen
  • jQuery based
  • Any Joomla data available
  • Event Title, description (with our without HTML), image, url
  • Flexible: any Joomla data available:
  • Joomla & 3rd party extensions data available via MySQL Wizard settings
  • or Joomla & 3rd party extensions data available via MySQL Expert Field
  • or Joomla & 3rd party extensions data available via Presets list
  • or Static data available via module settings
  • Data Presets provided and evolving based on popular customer requests
  • Presets for Joomla articles, Easyblog posts, jEvents events, JEM events, Jomsocial events, EasySocial events ... Ask for more.
  • Supports locations with latitude and longitude data on a static GoogleMaps.

About the 4 modes to get the data to be displayed:
  • Expert Mode: expects the admin to write own MySQL query in the module settings.
  • Wizard Mode: Use the module wizard form to easily build your query.
These 2 first mode expects admin to know at least where in the database, the data is.
  • Preset Mode: Module comes with built in preset queries. This preset list will grow with time.
  • Static Mode: text based data to be input in the module settings, here is the syntax with an example:
id;date (Y-m-d H:i:s);Event Title;Event Description;Event image;Event URL;latitude;longitude|
1;2018-12-05 22:15:15;Great Event;Yes truely a great event;1.jpg;index.php;50.984;3.458|
2;2018-12-08 20:15:15;Another Great Event;Yes another truely great event;picture.jpg;index.php;25.796548;31.156874

To ignore a parameter, leave it empty , but don't omit the ; separator.

Note: | is the separator for events, ; is the separator for data of the same event.
Also note: every parameter is documented within the settings page as tooltips when rolling over the parameter label.
If even with all these options you're having hard times to get your data into the timeline, or if you want a specific preset to be added, post in our SUPPORT FORUM in the dedicated category

Flexible Timeline demo (HORIZONTAL layout): Static Data

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Flexible Timeline demo (VERTICAL layout): Expert Query





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