AltaUserPoints component for Joomla

FREE user points and rewards application component for Joomla.
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AltaUserPoints is a FREE component for Joomla. It provides a powerfull user points, medals and ranking application component for Joomla. It is expandable with a simple yet powerfull API. AltaUserPoints provides a method for users to accumulate points for performing certain actions on your website such as posting articles, inviting new users, inviting people to read an article, etc... It provides an API that allows developers to easily add other actions wich makes it limitless. AltaUserPoints is a must have app to provide an incentive for users to participate in the website, and be more active.

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Notice: AltaUserPoints is a fork of the AlphaUserPoints component originaly developped by Bernard Gilly at It has been forked to save the project: continue distribution, support and software evolution when Bernard decided to retire. Nordmograph (represented by Adrien Roussel ) as an AlphaUserPoints early adopter (since 2008) and one of the most active contributors, decided to fork the project in February 2016 after went offline and AlphaUserpoints JED entry unpublished. Author has been contacted about the fork project and replyed positively to the idea.The fork is now renamed AltaUserPoints 1.0 and was based on latest AlphaUserPoints 2.0.4 (2015 December 17th).
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