Loyalty Points Card for Virtuemart

Credit customers account with points when they confirm an order.
30.00 €
Optional Service:
Description Credit customers account with points when they confirm an order. This Joomla (VMpayment) plugin for Virtuemart, is a VMPayment plugin, but not a payment method. It allows shop admin to reward points ( AltaUserPoints, Jomsocial or EasySocial points ) to customers for their purchase. It will credit on purchase and debit on order cancel or refund.

- Install via the regular Joomla installer and find the installed plugin in the Extennsions Manager -> plugin -> VMPayment ->Loyalty Points for Virtuemart
- Open the plugin to edit its settings:
- Point System: AltaUserPoints or Jomsocial Points or EasySocial Points . Whatever of these 3rd party extension you use, make sure these are installed on your system. Note AltaUserPoints is free, others are commercial extensions.
- Ratio: How many points worth one of your currency unit. For instance if you set 100, 1 points would worth 0.01€.
- Percentage: Set the percentage of the item price that will be credited as points to the customer account.
- VMItemid: The Menu Item ID for your Virtuemart products. This is required to build the correct url to the product details page.
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