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Buy Points with Hikashop

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Buy AltaUserPoints or Jomsocial , or EasySocial user points packages with Hikashop and have these automatically credited on order confirmed or deducted on order refund or cancelled.

How it works:

* required plugin parameters

  • Create a User points packages category in your Hikashop Products categories manager. Write down the new category ID *
  • Add at lease one product in that new category. Call it , for instance: '100 user points' for $1. This gives you a ratio of 100 *
  • Install the plg_hikashop_hk2buypoints plugin via the regular Joomla installer.
  • Edit the plg_hikashop_hk2buypoints parameters set the Category ID for Points packaged products (the one we previously created) , set the points / currency  ratio you previously decided (100 in ths example)
  • Make sure the plugin is enabled.

What it does now :

  • As soon as an order is received and order status set to 'confirmed', plugin will check if the rule exists and crete it if not, and then trigger the rules to credit points to customer according to product price, quantity and ratio.
  • If the order is then cancelled or refunded, the previously attributed points will be deducted, thanks to the refund rule.
Note for Jomsocial users:
This plugin doesn't create rules in Jomsocial, points transactions are done by mysql queries. Jomsocial rules do not allow non fixed points amounts.

This simple yet powerfull plugin is based on our Buy points with Virtuemart plugin and doesn't require an additional component like the one previously provided by Alphaplug.

Compared to Alphaplug version, this plugin :
  • is a single plugin (not a plugin + component)
  • provides a refund rule on order canceled or refund
  • is much cheaper (1/3rd of the Alphaplug price)
  • also works with Jomsocial or EasySocial points

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