Geommunity Plugin: DJ-CLASSIFIEDS

Adds DJ-Classifieds located Items to Geommunity3 Google Maps. Also integrates DJ-Classifieds Items in Map global search results, and DJ-Classifieds Categories in Map Dynamic Filter.
15.00 €
Adds DJ-Classifieds located Items to Geommunity3 Google Maps. Also integrates DJ-Classifieds Items in Map global search results, and DJ-Classifieds Categories in Map Dynamic Filter.

This DJ-Classifieds interations into Geommunity Maps include:
  • Markers Ajax loading, and clustering
  • Infowindow display
  • Filtering markers by DJ-Classifieds type
  • Filtering Markers by DJ-Classifieds categories
  • DJ-Classifieds categories specific Marker icon (optional)
  • DJ-Classifieds items markers search
Installation instructions:
Required: Geommunity3 component v1.4+
This plugin installs via the regular Joomla extension installer.
It will be added to plugins/geommunity/djclassifieds
It will be listed in the Joomla plugins manager (geommunity folder)
As soon as it is published, you can visit your Geommunity component Maps object in the backend and edit a Map to add the "Djclassifieds" 3rd party plugin to it.
Once the form is saved, your front end map module will show located Dj-classifieds items.
Data displayed in infowindows:
  • Title
  • Category
  • Creation date
  • Owner
  • Views
  • Price
  • Image1 as thumbnail
  • Image2 as cover if exists
  • optional additional category specific custom fields
  • Intro text
  • Link to Ad
  • Itinerary Route Button (https)
Note for Category specific marker icons:
Upload your marker icons to
where 1 is the category ID
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