jGifts Virtual Gifts for Joomla

jGifts lets your community users offer virtual gifts to each other and much more !
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jGifts lets your community users offer virtual gifts to each other and much more ! jGifts is not only a Virtual gifts manager or shop, it's a marketplace application allowing users to gift each other spending user points  but also to create their own virtual gifts and earn points commission on sells !

The component is mostly a Virtual gifts catalogue manager. A gift item consist of a title , a description, an image and a price (in userpoints). Gifts items can be added and edited from the backend (any gift) and the front end (own gifts only).

Users can browse the catalogue from the front end and choose a gift to offer to some user spending userpoints depending on the gift price.
Gift receiver will be notified for the received gift(s) at session login with a modal popup showing once per session. He will have to accept (or decline) the gift for it to show and be listed on own user profile.

Requirements : Joomla 3 - Community extension (Community Builder, Jomsocial or EasySocial) - User Points manager (AltaUserPoints , Jomsocial or EasySocial )

com_jgifts : jGifts component, main extensions. It is the gifts manager, you can add / edit gifts, categories, and follow gifting activities from the back end. In the front end, users can browse the gifts catalogue and spend userpoints to gift each others. Users can also add gifts for others to use, and would then earn points commission on sells.

plg_system_jgifts_notify : installed during component installation process. This system plugin notifies  users  on login if a new gift(s) has been received since last connection. Notification is made with a a nice SweetALert modal opening once per session (or if leaving the pending gifts page without cleaning it), prompting users to accept or reject received gifts. Accepted gifts are then listed in user profiles (jgifts plugins)

plg_user_jgifts :  installed during component installation process. This user plugin removes gifting activities and / or added gifts when a user is deleted from the system. It also allows admin to set an automatic WELCOME GIFT with personalized message to new users.

plg_community_jgifts, plg_app_user_jgifts, plug_jgifts :
These are the profile plugins listing a users received gifts, and showing the list of users who offered these publicly (Prvate gifts are only visible by profile owner)
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