GMap Custom Field plugin for Joomla articles, users and contacts

GMap Field for Joomla 3.7+ allows you to set maps, coordinates and radius for your Joomla articles, Joomla users and Joomla contacts !
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Description Requirement: J3.7+

Gmap Field plugin is one of these new Joomla plugin types introduced in Joomla 3.7. Fields plugin are supported by core Joomla articles, Joomla users and Joomla contacts items.

Main Features:
  • Advanced Google Maps for Joomla Articles, Joomla Users and Joomla Contacts and other extensions supporting core Joomla custom fields
  • Integrates Javascript and Static Google Maps API
  • Multiple instances supported nested (or not) on one single map when rendered
  • Support for CSS or custom PNG map markers
  • Each marker can have own radius colored polyline to set an area around a location
  • Custom styling (json based) for maps (for both javascript and static maps)
  • Each marker can have own infowindow
  • Each field can have own map style, own custom styling , own radius color, own marker icon etc...
  • Input for each entry stores: latitude, longitude, zoom, radius, mapstyle
  • jQuery dynamic slider for radius range setting
  • Set locations clicking on a map and/or dragging markers
  • Quick 'Get Current Location' button
  • Responsive
  • IDEAL plugin to build a Geo directory with Joomla 3.7+ for Users, Articles, or Contacts
  • GREAT to set the coolest Contact form GoogleMaps maps


If you need a global map extension to render all these in one GoogleMaps map, consider any of the Geommunity3 components and the free integration plugins for contacts, articles and/or users.
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