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My SobiPro entries for Jomsocial


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This plugin will show on a user's Jomsocial profile , own entries from the SobiPro component directories.
Listed by directory with an accordion effect. Admin can add as many directories and decide what fields to show from the supported fields.
Supported fields are for now: text, textarea, url, geofields, image.
If geofields are installed, every located entry will have a little map button opening a static map in a modal window,
or opening the Geommunity map module (if installed) to show the entry with other sobipro entries with located users etc... alltogether.
Also if Geommunity Module v2.4+ is installed, admin can enable the checkins count feature to show for each entries on the user profile:
how many times it has been checked in to date. ('CheckIns' are a geo signature system very much like the one in It's integrated with SobiPro entries using the Geommunity map module and AlphaUserPoints component.

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