Buy User Points with Virtuemart

Sell AltaUserpoints, EasySocial or Jomsocial userpoints in Virtuemart
Buy AlphaUserPoints with Virtuemart
25.00 €
Optional Service:
Description This plugin allows you to sell user points (AltaUserPoints , EasySocial or Jomsocial Points ) in Virtuemart component and automatically deliver purchased points to Virtuemart Customers. Administrator must create a Virtuemart category dedicated for points packages, then create points package products taking the points-currency ration in considaration when setting the price. For example if you have a ration of 100, 1€ worths 100 points then you can create a package of 1000 points and sell it 10€. Set the ration here and the plugin will find out how many points to deliver according to the package price and quantity. Points are credited when the order status is set to Confirmed. Points credit is canceled and points are deducted when order status is set to Refunded or Canceled.

Now your users can purchase points with any payment methods Virtuemart can support and receive an invoice for their purchased points !

v1.3 replaces AlphaUserPoints by ALTAuserpoints
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