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Virtuemart Wishlists component

29.00 €
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J!3.X | C M P | v2.1.5
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Offers wishlists capabilities forVirtuemart3 customers: Wishlists , Havelists , Collection lists , Favelists ,  Recurrent purchases lists , etc... Each list can have own privacy settings set by admin (public, site members, Jomsocial friends (if applicable), owner only ). Lists can be shared and sent via Email, Facebook Twitter. Users Public lists have their own RSS feed.Key features: 
  • Unlimited lists (wishlist havelist favlist etc...)
  • Privacy: plublic, site members, friends (CB, Easysocial or Jomsocial), private (owner only) by list
  • Category filter for each list
  • AJAX 'Add to list' Buttons
  • Flexible button positioning (product details and browse page, descriptions or addtocart area) depending on content or vmcustom plugins
  • Fully responsive  + eyecandy jQuery Masonry effect (similar layout effect as Pinterest) for products lists layout
  • Guest wishlists stored in Cookie and imported on login
  • List summary + URL + Feed URL emailed to user (owner) when first item added
  • List RSS feed for public lists so user can add it to their blogs site apps etc...
  • 'Who added it' buttons (with optional Community Builder, Jomsocial, Easysocial integration)
  • Kunena integration
  • Fully Multilingual + English and French provided
  • Add to cart button & VMcustom fields integrated
  • Optional Amazon Partners Affiliate program integration if VM in catalogue mode
  • jQuery Bootstrap Fontawesome, Joomla3 & VM3 Native
  • SEF compliant
  • 1 Year downloads & support - Unlimited time & sites - No backlink. No hack, GPL open source, no encryption.
  • NEW: Wedding list mode: Wishlist products can now be removed or tagged as 'Purchased' after they are purchased when added to cart from the list page. Nicely done with Ajax.  
With come 2 plugins showing Ajax 'Add to list' buttons: Use one of these 2 provided plugins depending on where you want these to show and how you want to add the buttons to your products :
  • shows 'add to list' ajax button for each of the enabled lists. It shows a counter of how many users added it to the list and another optional button opening a modal window with the list of users who added it. This plugin requires you enable Joomla plugins in VM config options and it will show automatically on every porducts accordingly to the category settings you set to lists. It shows on top or bottom of product description.
  • shows the exact same layout and features as the the previously described plugin. The difference is it can show on product details page in the add to cart plugin layout position and on the browse/category pages! Drawback is that like every vmcustom plugin it requires to be added as a customfield to every products manualy.
  • shows current user shortcut lists button to own lists with a product counter. Also if you use a profile manager (CB, Jomsocia or EasySocial , AUP, VMVendor ) , if you set that module to any position on a user profile, it will show buttons for profile ower lists.
  • is in charge for tagging items as purchased or removing these from a list after they are purchased.
Also, the extension comes with a module showing top listed VM products with various settings such as list, category filter etc... This is a MUST have extension for any Virtuemart3 site. Wishlists are stored in the database for members but it allows guests to store their wishlist in cookies and import automatically the cookie content in the database when user logs in. Component comes with a Top Listed module showing products that have been added the most by members.   The best Virtuemart Wishlists component ! If you used to run an old outdated wishlist component, we offer the migration service!

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