Geommunity3 Maps for Community Builder

Geommunity3 is the ultimate solution to show your CB users on a Google Map with a great interactive ajax driven user interface.
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Description This software is composed of a Joomla component, a Joomla module and a set of 2 profile plugins.
The Joomla component has 3 main purposes:
  • It provides global settings for the application
  • Backend manager for Map objects
  • Provides  ajax results to the frontend module requests
The module is used to display the map.

The 2 plugins are used to locate users:
- Geommunity Geocoder: translates users addresses into latitude and longitude coordinates
- Geommunity Locator: point manualy your location on a map during the registration process and on your profile
If used with the Geommunity Geocoder, this Locator should be set in readonly mode to avoid location conflicts.

Here is a non exhaustive list of the application features:
  • Ajax Loading for markers according to map viewport
  • Ajax Loading for infowindows on marker click
  • Integration of Community Builder located users 
  • Profile Custom field dynaminc filter
  • Display marker as Generic user marker or user avatar
  • Integration of external KML files to embed additional data on the map
  • Dynamic Integration filter on map
  • Marker bounce on Filter options roll over
  • Dynamic clustering of markers to provide a cleaner crowded map with marker count
  • Custom clustering option to enable if More than one marker share the same exact location coordinates to have the data displayed in one cluster icon infowindow.
  • Teleportation or Address search field thanks to Google Places API
  • Marker Search with Auto-complete
  • Directions and Itinerearies on every marker
  • Map Custom Styling
  • UddeIM 3rd party Messaging component support
  • NEW ! 3RD PARTY CONTENT: Use new Geommunity plugins to emebed 3rd party content. Here is the list of available plugins. If you need something that is not listed, we'll be glad to add it if possible.
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