Rule Name Rule Description Points
Submit JReviews Review Comment Give points when registered user adds a comment. 1.00
Delete JReviews Review Comment Deduct points when a comment is deleted. -1.00
Upload JReviews media Give points when registered user uploads media. 1.00
Delete JReviews media Deduct points when registered user deletes media. -1.00
Memorizr Pay to play Points deducted to play a Memorizr game -1.00
Memorizr - Your first score on game Points earned when scoring for the first time on games 1.00
Memorizr - Score Improved Points earned when improving a score 1.00
Memorizr - New High Score Points earned when setting a new high score for a game 20.00
Happy Birthday Get points for your Birthday 5.00
Points Packages purchase Points Packages purchases in Hikashop 0.00


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