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This page is related to the EasySocial version of Geommunity3
EasySocial is one of the best SocialNetwork extension for Joomla!

This software is composed of a Joomla component and a Joomla module.
The Joomla component has 3 main purposes:
  1. It provides global settings for the application
  2. Backend manager for Map objects
  3. FrontEnd Provide  Ajax results to module requests

The module is used to display the map.

Here is a non exhaustive list of the application features:

Google maps Geolocation of most of your EasySocial Community Items
  • Ajax Loading for markers according to map viewport
  • Ajax Loading for infowindows on marker click
  • Integration of EasySocial located users from their address profile field
  • Profiletypes dynamic filter
  • Profile Custom field dynaminc filter
  • Display marker as Generic user marker or user avatar or Profiletype related marker
  • Integration of EasySocial Users
  • Integration of EasySocial Groups
  • Integration of EasySocial Photo Albums
  • Integration of EasySocial Photos
  • Integration of EasyBlog posts
  • Integration of EasySocial Events
  • Integration of EasySocial Videos
  • Integration of EasySocial Pages (NEW)
  • Integration of EasySocial Stream Items (NEW)
  • Integration of 3rd party Joomla components Items (NEW) via Geommunity Plugins
  • Integration of external KML files to embed additional data on the map
  • Dynamic Integration filter on map
  • Dynamic Marker clustering
  • Marker bounce on Filter options roll over
  • Dynamic clustering of Marker to provide a cleaner crowded map with marker count
  • Custom clustering option to enable if more than one marker share the same exact location coordinates, to have the data displayed in one cluster icon infowindow.
  • 'Teleportation' or Address search field thanks to Google Places API
  • Marker Search with Autocomplete
  • Directions and Itinerearies on every marker
  • Map Custom Styling