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JEvents Geocoder plugin

Little JEvents plugin to translate the event location into ...

Optional Service:

3D HTML5 Tag Cloud module for Joomla Articles

This Module displays tags used on the site in a jQuery + ...

Optional Service:

FREE Joomla Content Plugin

Earn cash from getting your site's external links ...

Embed video field (Youtube) for Virtuemart

VMCustom field for Virtuemart that embeds a Youtube video ...

Optional Service:

Konnichiwa Greetings module for Joomla

Show Greetings randomly in various languages.

Background Youtube Video for Joomla

Show a Youtube Video as your page background.

Optional Service:

Minimal Top loading progress bar plugin for Joomla

This light system plugin automatically adds a minimal ...

Optional Service:

AdBlock Detector module for Joomla

This Joomla module will check when loaded if browser has ...

Optional Service:

AltaUserPoints component for Joomla

FREE user points and rewards application component for ...

Optional Service:

Random Happy Customer module

This is a free module for your demos. Gets a random face ...

AltaUP rules hack for GURU

Provides 3 AUP rules for GURU component

Optional Service:

Daily Login Rule plugin for AUP

This plugin for AltaUserPoints attribs or removes X points ...

Optional Service:

AUP plugin for Kunena

AUP plugin for Kunena.

Points from Start Module for AUP

Points from start with option to include purged and deleted ...

Optional Service:

Most Active Users From Start Module for AUP

Most active users with total points from start.

Optional Service:

Geocoder for Joomla users

This little jommla user plugin geocodes users address from ...

Geommunity Plugin: JOOMLA USERS

Adds located Joomla Users to Geommunity3 Google Maps. Also ...

Optional Service:

Custom Development Unit

Custom development unit for custom development ...

AUP rules for Joomgallery

Integrates AltaUserPoints in JoomGallery

Animated Trianglify module for Joomla

Trianglify abstract background layouts module.

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